I am currently studying in my third year at Bath Spa School of Art and Design, soon to be graduating in July this year.

The work that I have produced this year is based around the experience of sensory deprivation, sounds and distortion. The response of the viewer is key to the work. I am interested in the interaction between the viewer and the work – what is perceived, what is received, and what is responded to.

I work with natural and familiar sounds and am exploring how the responses to these sounds change specifically when taken out of context. I am interested in the emotions that viewers bring to the work and the emotions the work locates within them. Feedback received from viewers will inform the development of further work.

Previous work was created from stills of short film clips. This year I will be using actual film rather then set stills of footage, with a greater emphasis on sound. Over the last year I have created various shaped objects and installations marking a transition from previous work. These new works using sound and film are short looped pieces evoking the cyclical nature of life.

Scan 3

My Parents have always been the reason I became interested in art from a young age, My mother in particular being a skilled painter herself. They have always supported me with my artwork since I was a little girl and for that I am eternally grateful.